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Cherry Room

Cherry Room

Our guests are amazed at the woodwork and workmanship in this particular room. The original Tiffany lamps from 1910 grace the ceilings and give the room a warm glow. The massive hand-carved fireplace has imported English tiles which are original to the inn. Our grandfather clock chimes a friendly greeting. We invite our guests to enjoy in the Queen Anne mahogany furniture for cocktails or to just relax in.

Oak Room

Oak Room

The Oak Room (rightfully named) is covered in hand-carved wood adornments. The fireplace is surrounded by these carvings and one can see why it took 10 years to build this mansion! This relaxing room calls you to its overstuffed leather chairs and sofa, which you won't want to depart from. This room also has an original Tiffany lamp from 1910 which adds to the warmth of the atmosphere. Many of our guests enjoy reading or just relaxing in this inviting room.

Dining Room Dining Room

Dining Rooms

Our round large dining room, called the Shaw Room, boasts of fireside breakfasts and a magnificent view. Our smaller dining room, called the Parlor Room, is decorated with a Victorian flair with burgundy and sage accents to compliment the wallpaper and original artwork. It also has the same extraordinary views. Some mornings our guests are treated to wildlife romping in our surrounding meadows.

1895 Leaded Glass Window

The magnificent original leaded glass window graces the ornate oak staircase.  It depicts the Blue Spruce Tree that still stands at the front of the inn. The morning and afternoon sun shines through the hand painted glass, as if to remind us of the Lumber Baron who so lovingly had this mansion and all its fabulous woodwork created just for us to enjoy.

Meet Your Hosts

Jeff and Terry purchased the inn in June 2003. They moved their two younger children from New Jersey to start a new life as innkeepers.

Jeff started as a carpenter and became a custom home builder, primarily on the Jersey shore. Eventually his love of flying pulled him into the airline industry, where he flew for Pan Am and TWA. Feeling the need for a higher degree, he completed his BS and his MBA, all while working as a program manager teaching pilots in simulators. He eventually found a job closer to home and worked as a program manager in the training field.

Meanwhile, Terry worked as an elementary school teacher. She worked in the same school since 1974, primarily in the third grade. She enjoyed seeing the growth and changes of her students from when they entered in September and when they left in June. She worked as a grade level coordinator, cheerleading coach and was on numerous committees. She enjoyed making a positive contribution to so many lives that she touched over the years.

Jeff was always asking Terry where she would like to retire. Terry's only request was that it not be in a hot climate. Neither of them was really ready to retire, but after staying at a B&B in Hunter, NY, they starting contemplating new joint careers as innkeepers. Terry had always enjoyed entertaining and decorating, and Jeff had always enjoyed speaking with people from all over the world in his previous jobs, so "innkeeping" seemed like it might be a good fit for both of them. They actively started looking for inns in New England. When they walked into the Greenville Inn, it was, as they say, "love at first sight". Terry took early retirement from teaching and one day after school ended in June, they were on their way.

Taking over the inn with the restaurant in full swing was nothing less than "jumping into the fire". The first two weeks were a complete blur. They had to learn the entire business, all while making sure the guests were given the same quality of service, if not better. Their goal has been to make their guests comfortable in a historic elegant inn, provide upscale services, improve the décor of the inn and make themselves available to their guests' needs.

They both really enjoy what they are doing and love to share stories. Most commonly they are asked what made them decide to move to Maine and become innkeepers. So when you are visiting with them, don't be shy, they will love to talk about it.

Throughout the inn, you will see family heirloom photos and china. Terry even has a tea service that her grandmother used in England when she ran a small B&B. Terry says she never even thought about the connection until she unpacked the china.

Both of them enjoy meeting new people and sharing stories about the inn. Jeff is a geography buff, so he loves talking about where the guests come from or where they have been. Terry is keeping a journal because she says she is definitely going to write a book someday about their experiences being innkeepers/restaurateurs.

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